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TDxFLx Data Collection:  MS VB application for collecting data from the Abbott TDxFLx analyzer.  This program is available for research use only.  Key design elements.

  • Collects data from the Abbott TDxFLx using the bidirectional computer interface mode.

  • Data is saved in a text (.txt) file on a daily basis.

  • Easily interfaces with MS Excel or MS Access.

File encryption and decryption program:  MS VB application for the encryption and decryption of any file type.  Key design elements.

  • Simple user interface.

  • Private key for each file that you encrypt, same key is used for decryption.

  • Free 30 day trial version available.

X-Ray generator operator control:  MS VB application for operator control of an X-Ray generator.  Key design elements.

  • KV, MA, Time, MAS selection.

  • Heat Unit calculations for multiple X-Ray Tube types.

Molecular Structure Prediction:  Turbo Pascal application for major pharmaceutical company used in the prediction of molecular structures.  Key design elements.

  • Object Oriented design.

  • Graphical analysis.

  • Simple operator interface.


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