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KSEncrypt Encryption Program:  An easy to use, private key,  file encryption/decryption program.  Protect your PC files by encrypting them so that they can not be accessed until you decrypt them.

  • Simple user interface.

  • Private key for each file that you encrypt, same key is used for decryption.

  • Fully functional FREE 30 DAY TRIAL.

  • If you like the TRIAL version you can purchase a password from Kenton Solutions to convert the TRIAL version to a permanent version for a one time cost of $39.00.

Instructions for downloading KSEncrypt Encryption Software

  1. Click on DOWNLOAD TRIAL VERSION NOW:  Click on "save" when prompted and the download process starts and the file KSEnc is saved on you windows desktop.

  2. When the download is complete, double-click on KSEnc on your desktop.  This will create a folder named KSEncrypt on your desktop and install the program KSEncrypt.exe in the "Program Files" folder.

  3. You can now run the KSEncrypt program by navigating to it.  Example: Start -> Programs -> KSEncrypt -> KSEncrypt.

  4. You can delete the file KSEnc and the folder KSEncrypt from you desktop.

  5. To convert from a 30 day trial version to a permanent version requires a password supplied by Kenton Solutions.  Contact Kenton Solutions by phone (262) 327-4485 or email to get a password.  The the price of the permanent version is $39.00



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