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Pic microcontroller development

Pic microcontroller development projects, software and hardware

Microchip PIC16F688 elevating X-Ray table and tube stand positioning using Grayhill optical encoders.

  • Small pcb containing Grayill 61C11 optical encoder and one PIC16F688 microcontroller

  • One pcb for lateral and longitudinal X-Ray table motion

  • One pcb for X-Ray table elevation

  • One pcb for X-Ray tube stand elevation

  • One pcb for X-Ray tube stand position

  • One pcb for X-Ray chest bucky elevation

  • One pcb for X-Ray angle

  • All pcb's are interface with a master microcontroller pcb using an RS485 interface.  The master PCB contains a Microchip PIC 18F8722 microcontroller.  This microcontroller decodes all 6 PIC16F688 microcontroller positional information and displays it on a Noritake GU256X128C-3900 dot graphic display module.

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