Data Bank

Off site, off line data encryption and storage service.
Have your important files encrypted and stored off site and off line.
The safest and only way to be 100% sure that your data is not accessible.

How it works:

1.  Your CD, DVD, or other medium containing the files to be stored are shipped, delivered or picked up for a fee.
2. We encrypt your files, directly from your medium, using a key (password) provided by you onto a DVD.  Your original files are never loaded onto our computers.
The DVD contains a program to restore your original files. This program requires the encryption key.
3. 3 additional copies of the encrypted DVD are made.  A copy of the encrypted DVD is stored on a magnetic backup tape. Magnetic tape is a safer than optical disk.
4. Your medium is returned to you along with one of the encrypted DVDs.
5. 2 DVDs and the magnetic tape are stored at our primary location and 1 DVD is stored at our off site location.
6. If you need to restore your files you can do it from your DVD.  If you can't locate your DVD you can order an encrypted DVD from us to be restored by you. (Service fee)
7. If you can't locate your DVD and need to restore your files immediately you can contact us and we will load a copy of your DVD onto our server for download by you. Once you have downloaded your DVD copy it is removed from our server. (Service fee)
8. The cost for encryption and storage is $90 per Giga byte per year.

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Data Bank
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